The East Grand Rapids Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization operating in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The EGR Community Foundation works with City and community leaders on projects and programs that will enhance the quality of life of residents of the City of East Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. The Foundation assists the City of East Grand Rapids with projects that fall outside the parameters of the yearly budget, and with other community organizations that use the funding for things like public beautification, historical preservation or service projects that benefit a large segment of the population.

The Foundation has also been extensively involved over the last several years in raising awareness and funding for the completion of the several sections of the Reeds Lake Trail, a pedestrian route around Reeds Lake. The trail was completed in September 2010, thanks to the generosity of hundreds of citizens, businesses, foundations and local and state governments. Since then, the Foundation has participated in fundraising for the Reeds Lake Trail Boulevard Bridge, a completely new bridge and elevated boardwalk over the channel between the two lakes. The Reeds Lake Trail is an extremely popular pathway of city sidewalks and dedicated trails that wind through beautiful neighborhoods, wetlands and woods in the midst of a suburban area. The approximately 4.2 mile trek is used year-round by athletic and outdoor enthusiasts and families out for stroll.

The Foundation now looks forward to continuing its support of community initiatives, and raising awareness of past, present and future of East Grand Rapids. We invite you to get involved by including the East Grand Rapids Community Foundation in your charitable giving program, by joining a committee, or by telling friends and family about our organization.