Future Projects

Waterfront Park
The EGRCF is also partnering with City officials to assist in the restoration of the Waterfront Park Phase II project. While this project is largely dependent on state grant funding, the EGRCF is willing to assist where needed.

Endowment Fund - Ongoing
With the recent completion of Phase II of the Reeds Lake Trail, the East Grand Rapids Community Foundation now begins a campaign to increase the Permanent Endowment Fund established in 2006. The Permanent Endowment Fund is held and managed by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation because of their investment expertise.

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Reeds Lake Trail - Ongoing
The East Grand Rapids Community Foundation also hosts the Reeds Lake Trail Blazer Run/Walk each year on the 4th of July. Following the success of the inaugural run/walk in 2010, the Board decided to make the family-oriented affair an annual event. Funds raised are dedicated to future improvements of the Reeds Lake Trail. For more information on volunteering for the Trail Blazer, registering to participate, or to donate to the Reeds Lake Trail,contact Karen Brower at 949-2110 or kbrower@eastgr.org.

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The Foundation Board is also considering other projects that will benefit the community. If you have ideas, suggestions or comments, please let us know.