Best Time to Visit Death Valley in the Spring Spring in Death Valley is the best time to see the abundant wildflowers. When she isn't helping other travelers check destinations and dream vacations off their bucket lists, she's busy exploring the Southwest. Our itinerary was 1 day in Death Valley, 2 days in Grand Canyon (south rim) and 2 days in Vegas. You can also climb Telescope Peak, which reaches a height of 11,043 feet (3,366 meters), the highest mountain in the park. I have two teen girls. Enjoy California! You can literally see for miles in all directions. In the summer, however, average temperatures easily climb above 100 degrees, so be sure to pack extra water and wear appropriate clothing. When spending one day in Death Valley you need to make sure to pay … Sense of Self Importance. I didn’t get to go to the Racetrack but I did take the long, rough road out to Eureka Dunes. When you think of Death Valley, what is the first thing that comes to mind? March and April are when the flowers are at their most spectacular, and if you visit during these months, you’ll see a blaze of natural beauty. If by chance the winter has brought rain, Death Valley is truly an enchanted place to visit. the Grand Canyon. We’re staying at Ranch at Death Valley for two nights. Yosemite for First Timers: Best Hikes, Best Views, and the Best Things To Do, Hiking Half Dome in Yosemite: A Step-by-Step Guide, One Day Itinerary for Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, Utah’s Might 5 Travel Guide and Road Trip Itinerary, 20 Best Waterfalls in Iceland You Should Visit, Lofoten Islands Itinerary: Complete Guide for First-Time Visitors, One Day Road Trip on the Great Ocean Road, 10 Days in Norway: The Ultimate Road Trip through the Fjord Region, How to Visit Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park, How to Plan Your Death Valley Day Trip from Las Vegas. If you’re planning to visit in the spring, call the park ahead of your visit so you can time your trip just right. Journey outside the limits of Las Vegas and explore Death Valley on our bus tour. Image by Wilson44691 via, LEARN MORE ABOUT DEATH VALLEY WILDLIFE AND VEGETATION, 22 Romantic Things for Couples To Do In Las Vegas, 12 Days of a Vegas Christmas — Your Guide to Christmas and NYE in Las Vegas, The Complete Guide to Visiting the Grand Canyon, 25 Family Friendly Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids, 12 More National & State Parks Within Driving Distance of Las Vegas, 34 Totally Free Things To Do in Las Vegas, How To Get To Antelope Canyon, plus 7 More Questions You Didn’t Know You Had, How Not to Blow your New Year’s Resolutions in Las Vegas, What to Expect When you Visit the Grand Canyon. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Spring is the most popular time due to the wildflower blooms. HOT STUFF: Death Valley holds the world record for the highest reliably recorded air temperature—on July 10, 1913, the mercury reached a whopping 134 degrees at Furnace Creek. Cheers, Julie. Due to the great weather and the possibility of wildflowers dotting the landscape, spring is by far the most popular time to visit Death Valley. If there’s been a dollop or two of winter rain, wildflowers will be abundant in early spring. It’s also the busiest time. We have reviews of the best places to see in Death Valley National Park. If rain falls in several storms throughout the winter and spring the flowers may bloom in late March and early April in the park's low elevations, April and May at mid elevations, and into June in the mountains. With hot temperatures in the summer and crowds in the spring, the best time to visit Death Valley while enjoying the natural beauty in late winter. Next up: Death Valley. Death Valley is the hottest place in North America meaning it gets hot in the summer months. This scenic one-way 9 mile loop travels through multi-hued volcanic and sedimentary hills before passing by Artist’s Palette, where you’ll spot some of the most colorful formations. Death Valley is the largest national park in the contiguous United States: 3.4 million acres of desert vastness. Death Valley is the hottest and driest place in North America. Even though only one of them died, they all thought this would be their grave, so they gave this place the name “Death Valley.”. It’s also the lowest, driest, and hottest area in North America. I’m sure it’s coming soon. It’s one of my personal favorite national parks. In some places, the landscapes look downright bizarre. Besides warm as well as sunny days, the possibility of springtime wildflowers is a big attraction. It’s also the hottest place in the world with a record temperature of 134 degrees! Combine the name “Death Valley” with the forbidding landscape here, and this place has an allure unlike any other National Park. PRO TIP: Bend your ear to the ground—you’ll hear the sound of billions of tiny salt crystals bursting apart as they expand and contract in the heat. Don’t count on making mobile phone calls in Death Valley. At Racetrack Playa, “sailing stones”—some weighing more than 650lbs—are followed long trails as though they’ve been pushed through the mud. While you may not see literal maids a-milking or lords a-leaping, if you’re planning a Christmas getaway to Las Vegas, chances are you’ll spot some ladies dancing and more than your fair share of gold... Escaping the cold with a late-fall trip to Sin City? The resulting dry air causes higher average temperatures and low precipitation levels. We think that is the best time to visit Death Valley, and loved our trip to the park in March. Around February, crowds are still thin, but wildflowers are starting to bloom and the temperatures are on the mild side of hot, giving you the best of all worlds.