A well thought out design by Audient gives you plenty of room for your ID44 to grow with your studio. What I will bring you in this review. The real-time UAD processing for tracking with effects are so well built that you can add multiple effects … This list here is supposed to help you find the best highlights of each interface. Both units feature 2 stunning sounding mic preamps and have line/instrument inputs as well as having a fantastic sounding high impedance input on the front for guitars and bass. You get up to 4 analog outputs for speakers and outboard gears. Presonus’s support is a little questionable. This enables you to record and monitor with effects – from reverb, EQ, compression and more. It has a high-quality built-in microphone and is battery-operated with hours of recording memory. However, if it's a very negligible difference, I'd be ok with that. Conversie AD/DA la 24 bit / 96 kHz. On the board, you find 2 XLR inputs/outputs, another additional 2 line inputs, and 2 headphone outputs. This could be a very useful feature for an online content creator who needs to not only be able to record or work on a PC or Mac, but also make a recording of doing the recording, if you see where we are going with this? Under the hood, Spire Studio has mic pre-amps designed by Grace Design. With this unit, you can do all your level management, recording and processing from inside this RodeCaster Pro standalone as it also has a slot for a MicroSD card enabling you to quickly and easily record a stereo or multi-track file without the use of a PC or Mac. Duet became popular because of its pristine sounding AD/DA converters and build quality. Thunderbolt version doesn’t come with a Thunderbolt cable. This is exceptionally useful for some cases, for example, when you’re recording a singer who needs to monitor their voices with some reverb. In 99% of cases USB (1, 2 or C) are fast enough for audio, so no need to bulk up the feature set, and price with other connectivity options. Apogee have since played catch up and written very stable drivers for the Windows platform too. There are 2 high-quality microphone and line pre-amps, with 2 line outputs for your studio monitors. Trusted content from independent music and post production experts. I realize how I really do not need it, as lovely a pice of kit as it is. Truth to be told, there are no such things as the best audio interface. On top of the refinements made in the 2nd generation of the Apollo Twin, there’s now an additional feature such as the talkback and alt monitor switching, which you’ll find handy for recording work and doing cross-referencing when mixing. You can find out more the amazing iZotope Spire at the iZotope website. The choice for studio owners who needs lots of quality inputs/outputs without breaking the bank. The iD4 is the only model that can be bus-powered via USB, while the rest needs to be connected to a DC power supply. Featuring 4 console mic pres, class-leading converters, ADAT expandability & more. DSP processing to include effects in monitoring feed. 4 x Analog Inputs over XLR/Line combo jacks, 8 x Channels of Digital I/O over ADAT SMUX optical connection, 8x Analog Outputs 6 Balanced line outputs l1 Independent 1/4” stereo headphone output, 2 top panel high-resolution OLED displays. I’ve saved the best for the last. The Pre-amp design in the ASP800 is the same as you would find in all our products, from the iD14 interface to the ASP8024 Flagship Console. High-quality preamps, solid clocking system & pristine AD/DA conversion up 24-bit/up to 192kHz and good-sounding modeled plugins. Need more features? Its designed to be clean, fast and precise giving you pristine audio quality for professional sounding recordings. Picking up where the Tascam MiniStudio Creator left off the RodeCaster Pro from Rode is a full podcast studio in a single unit. Apogee Duet used to be an interface that was made only for Mac. You could record up to 10 inputs at a go with a mic pre-amplifier like the Audient ASP800. The built-in headphone amp is nice and loud and the layout of both units is clean, clear and easy to use. Arturia has been stepping up their game lately with the latest AudioFuse. It shouldn’t be tough to choose one, but some thoughts need to be placed when you’re shopping for one, as it’ll be your studio’s centerpiece in your run of producing music. The Audient ID44 is a 24/96k 20in/24out audio interface featuring four Class-A mic console mic pres which are used in their main consoles. With the iD22, Audient has condensed these three elements and paired them with digital converters offering up to 96kHz resolution and USB 2.0 connectivity. The BabyFace Pro is not exactly a cheap audio interface but its one of the best portable top-end interface you can buy in terms of sound, component quality, routing possibilities, solidness, flexibility & portability. Hardly any. Integrated Wi-Fi access between phone/tablet and Spire, Record anywhere - 4 hour rechargeable battery, 2 Grace Design preamps with phantom power, Soundcheck feature automatically sets input recording levels within seconds, Apply reverbs, delays, amp models and more (pre-recording), Control the project from the onboard LED touchscreen or remotely with the Spire app, Edit & mix your tracks with the app or export the multitrack stems to your DAW, Collaboration made easy - Send tracks and projects to your bandmates and co-writers. Well now Mackie have taken that concept a stage further with Big Knob Studio and Studio +. The Focusrite Solo with only 1 input, always felt like a painful limitation to me. The Focusrite Rednet X2P is available now from around £809 and for more information check out the Focusrite website. So Audient iD14 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Universal Audio Apollo Twin, as seen on the chart below. The Arturia AudioFuse is a nice complete all-rounder audio interface that would suit many types of recording and producing styles. Check out the video links below. Sulla id44 hanno "sistemato" queste mancanze ma costa 200 euro in più. Prices for the Audient range start from around just £99 for the iD4, £159 for the iD14, £299 for the iD22 and £453 for the iD44. Working out of his garage, Dearden handbuilt a new kind of analog mixing console destined to raise the bar of audio-quality standards in the new landscape of the digital recording industry. Read this post on what is an audio interface. You get better sounding AD & DA converters and mic pre-amps. Handy for doing audio recordings in a two-room setup. Audio digitale: Convertitori e schede audio, Interfacce e schede audio USB e Thunderbolt per PC e Mac, Strumentazioni Pro Audio per studi di registrazione Audient iD14/iD22/iD44 – From $299.00. ... Arturia AudioFuse vs UA Apollo Twin Quad MkII - Duration: 10:44. The Apollo Twin MKII DUO is seen as an industry standard for desktop audio interfaces. I bought this to replace my 12-year old TC Electronic Impact Twin, which was a phenomenal interface for its time. The Spire Studio from iZotope may seem a little left-field to be included in this article but it is an interface for iOS, and Android devices as well as being a standalone recorder. Expandable inputs for bigger recording & tracking. For the recording hungry, the interface is expandable up to 22-in/26-out via ADAT. If you have had any experience with any desktop audio interfaces then please do share them in the comments below. €225,00 Disponibilità immediata. Make sure you check before you buy! We at Audient take your privacy very seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and provide technical support and other services you have requested from us. The BabyFace Pro is a 24 channel, USB bus-powered audio interface that records up to 192 kHz resolution. Audient iD14/iD22/iD44 – From $299.00. 4 x analog inputs 2x Mic/Instrument/Line (XLR / 1/4" TRS)2x Phono/Line (RCA / 1/4" TRS), Talkback with dedicated built-in microphone (up to 96 kHz Sample Rate), USB interface with PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux compatibility. First and foremost these are still high quality monitor controllers allowing you to switch between different sets of studio monitors but with the addition of 2x2 channel (or 2x4 channel in the case of the Studio +) USB audio interface. It sounds nice and bright with plenty of crystal clear top end. Category. Mixing? Just pair it up with a good microphone like the Neumann U47 and you’ll instantly get world-class recordings. Much like the Merging Anubis before it the Focusrite Rednet X2P might not at first be considered an audio interface as it does not connect directly to your Mac or PC by USB or Thunderbolt, but this little box is a fully paid up member of the desktop interface club as it features two of Focusrite’s Red Evolution mic preamps, dedicated line output and a powerful headphone amp. Aging audio interface which could use an update.

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