Current form: Unchanged, although the “W” hand signal often no longer accompanies the word, unless done ironically. But especially given the non-theatrical uses of "hamfatter"around the turn of the century, this theory strikes me as overly elaborateand unlikely. Go HAM is a highly sought after party band, armed with a great selection of your favorite songs, and the perfect mix of passion and high-energy fun! The selection here leans slightly towards my own bias; I have, however, attempted to cover as much ground as possible, including 10 wide and varied terms, each with their own, detailed entry. The stress commonly falls on the second two syllables. network television adaptation of inner city jargon. A possible origin for the expression lies in amateur radio operators, who are referred to as hams. go ham to respond violently to someone who disrespects you. Jay-z just took it to the point that now suburban kids are saying it, which usual means it's going to die out soon. Often accompanied by a hand signal formed by holding the thumb and pointer finger of each hand in an L shape and layering them on top of one another, forming a W shape. “Wiggins” itself may be used as a marker for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in particular or Joss Whedon in general. Ham definition is - the hollow of the knee. The entries are all divided up into five sections: The words or phrases themselves and their parts of speech, their definitions, examples of their usage, their origins, and their current forms in today’s cultural lexicon (if, that is, they have managed to both survive and evolve). Hardware systems for generating MIDI output from guitars are often expensive, impractical and unreliable. 3. an acronym for "Hard As a M*****" The problem here is thinking of a word starting with 'M' that means the kind of person who goes ham. Booyah!”. The designation country ham first appears in print in 1944, referring to a method of dry-curing and smoking developed in the rural regions of Virginia, Kentucky and other nearby states. It was real popular in the south and in rap before that song. Definition: An uncomfortable or uneasy feeling; a sense of foreboding. This was about 21% of all the recorded Ham's in the USA. Some, however, trace the phrase as far back as Renaissance England; in this instance, the Nurse’s encouragement of Juliet to “Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days” in Act I, scene iii of Romeo and Juliet is considered to be the earliest usage of the phrase. Possibly a network television adaptation of inner city jargon. Feel free to add to the list on Facebook or Twitter! Last edited on Apr 18 2013. Amateur operators eventually adopted "ham" as their own term, andtoday it has lost its derogatory connotations in the radio field. German: topographic name for someone who lived on land in a river bend, Old High German ham (see 1 above). Origin: Although the word itself has existed since the late 18th century, at which time it described machines for making counterfeit currency, this particular definition became a part of the cultural lexicon thanks to the feature films Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991). --Steve Tabor, via the internet. The Anglo-Saxon name Ham comes from when the family resided in the county of Sussex in an area that was known by the low-lying land near a stream. Go Ham. Origin: Coined by Joss Whedon in the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997). Larousse Gastronomique claims an origin from Gaul. All slang ends up sounding ridiculous and dated after enough time has gone by; the ‘90s, however, were a unique brand of bizarre that holds a special place in my heart. Current form: Various, including the verbs “freaks me out,” “weirds me out,” etc. Usage: “I totally aced my history final! I think the Hammers are a pretty tough team, but I don't know if the people who use this expression follow soccer. The preserving of pork leg as ham has a long history, with Cato the Elder writing about the "salting of hams" in his De Agri Cultura tome around 160 BC. Promoting Child Nutrition One Click at a Time. Usage: “Oh, you’re thirsty? This technological wonder is called MIDI Guitar, produced by Jam Origin. Definition: An indication of sarcasm; a modifier which denotes the preceding statement as false. GoHAM Radio. I personally think Xanax would make a better chill pill, but I digress. English Translation. 2. Theoriesabout "hamfatter" tend to be vague and more than a little confusing. Meaning: Go about things in a circuitous manner, go around an issue rather than deal with it directly. Mac World. It consists of 3 letters and 1 syllable and is pronounced Ham. It's a mid-19th C. invention, apparently from a popular minstrel. In 1840 there were 116 Ham families living in New York. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA … George A. Hormel & Company pioneered canned ham in America in 1926, then introduced Spam in 1937 as a luncheon meat. Ham is generally used as a boy's name. Yeah, I'm about to go H.A.M. Why a "ham"? The song, however was published only in 2011, when going ham was already widely used and recognized by English speakers. Definition: An expression of encouragement. From “Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest”: “This place give me the wiggins.” – Buffy. The term "Roger that" is a widespread term for confirmation, either between truckers on their CB radios, kids playing back and forth with walkie-talkies, or even face to face. Origin: Unknown, although ESPN anchor Stuart Scott is known for his frequent use of the term. Dear Word Detective: My best friend, who is an actor, and I would love toknow the origin of the word "ham," referring to someone who overacts. But don't spend all of your time on the main dish and forget about the accompanying side dishes. This claim has been unsubstantiated, however, and should be taken with a proverbial grain of salt. This is K•H•A•M, signing off. Origin: It is sometimes asserted that “chill pill” became popular nickname for Ritalin and other medications intended to treat ADD and ADHD at the time of their initial introduction. You can count on him to ham it up for the camera. 34 likes. As if!”. There was alsoapparently a popular minstrel song titled "The Hamfat Man," endless ineptperformances of which may have strengthened the use of "hamfat" as asynonym for a poor performer. San Diego's #1 Community Internet Station playing local and major artists, providing media coverage and a voice for the urban culture. the neighbor used profanity against my mother and i decided to go ham when i got the oppurtunity. Definition: An expression of contempt for another person’s words. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. It is possible that the acting "ham" springs from the same source, but italso appears to be connected to an earlier term, "hamfatter," whichappeared around 1879 meaning an incompetent actor or musician. go Hard As a MotherF*cka, putting forth a lot of effort go ham definition by Urban Dictionary. Ham, in this case, is short for hamfatter, which means a low-grade actor or performer. Take actions into your own hands by using our educational kit to teach elementary school students. Usage: "Are you listening to me, young lady?" Ah, Ted, don't be dead, dude!”. It entered widespread usage after the release of the Wayne’s World feature film in 1992. Usage: “I don’t know, man. Similar surnames: Ramm, Camm, Lamm, Hammer, Ham, Hamel, Hall, Hamme, Kamm, Baum In the Bible, Cham is a son of Noah. Sometimes expanded to “Talk to the hand ‘cuz the face ain’t listening” or “Talk to the hand ‘cuz the face don’t understand.”. Incidentally, the designation of amateur radio operators as "hams" alsoapparently reflects the old "clumsy" sense of the slang term"ham." Current form: “Just kidding!” Should the recipient of the phrase express displeasure at being fooled, it may be followed by, “Can’t you take a joke?”. There is no record of when Ham was born other than the fact that he was born sometime after Shem (Genesis 9:24). Origin: A Southern Californian “Valley Girl” term, “as if!” was popularized by the 1995 feature film Clueless, itself an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Emma. 2. referring to West Ham United Football Club. Origin: In the Middle Ages, people caught birds by dropping a net over a bush and clubbing the ground around it to scare the birds into flying into the net. However, there is no evidence of such a magazine existing by this, or any similar, name with those initials. But, if that is the going ham origin point, it’s probably the first or only time in history that a bunch of “cool” rappers stole a phrase from nerdy ham radio operators. There we found the name was derived from the Castle of Ham, Normandy. The most Ham families were found in the USA in 1880. TIL, right? ham it up (third-person singular simple present hams it up, present participle hamming it up, simple past and past participle hammed it up) (idiomatic, acting) To deliberately exaggerate one's emotions or movements, or to overact or act hammily. "thigh of a hog used for food" (especially salted and cured or smoke-dried), 1630s, extended from earlier sense " part of the human leg behind the knee; hock of a quadruped," from Old English hamm "hollow or bend of the knee," from Proto-Germanic *hamma- (source also of Old Norse höm, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch hamme, Old High German hamma), from PIE *kone-mo- "shin bone" (source also of Greek … The name Ham is of Hebrew origin. After a series of taste tests, North Carolina emerges triumphant. You go, girl/guy! 2021 Bustle Digital Group. I found this fro The Word Detective:The Word DetectiveBy Evan MorrisCopyright 2000 by Evan MorrisFor Release: Friday, May 12, 2000. (excl.) What does ó am go ham mean in Irish? The Given Name Ham. Variations on a theme may also be used, as demonstrated here by Sheldon Cooper: Definition: An expression which derides a topic of conversation as unlikely or impossible. Showing page 1. At the first annual Smithfield, North Carolina, Ham & Yam Festival, local cure masters go ham-to-ham with tradition-alists from Smithfield, Virginia. Current form: Various, including the simpler, “Oh, relax.”. We do know that the term "ham"first appeared in the mid-19th century meaning "clumsy and stupid fellow,"and acquired its theatrical meaning later, around 1881.The "clumsy" sense of "ham" may well be a shortening of "ham-handed" or"ham-fisted," both describing persons (especially boxers) so clumsy thattheir hands are as useless as hams. See chef "in the house/heezey/hizzle/flippity floppity floo" skit from south park. Naturally, it’s all very scientific — by which I mean it is not scientific in the slightest, so go take it up with an actual linguist if you think I’m wrong. Origin: This usage of the word may have seen its beginnings in 1934, at which point the verb form “to psych [someone or something] out” meant “to outsmart.” Editor’s note: I had no idea this particular meaning was so old. Another theory posits that low-paid performers, unable to afford expensiveoils and creams, had to make do with actual ham fat as a base when applyingtheir makeup. 1,138 likes. Secondary usage includes going [Tiger]Ham. Hard as a mother fucker; let these niggas know who I am. Go HAM. Going ham stands for going hard as a motherf**ker, which means going crazy. In this version, supposedly HAM was an acronym derived from the initials of a "very popular" magazine which covered radio extensively. Going ham Ham stands for: hard as a motherf ** ker. Commonly misspelled “sike,” “syke,” etc. Egypt (see also Egypt) was traditionally called “the Land of Ham,” and Ham was considered to be the ancestor of the Egyptians and of all African peoples south of Egypt. We do know that the term "ham" first appeared in the mid-19th century meaning "clumsy and stupid fellow," "Hamfat" was used in the early 20th century both as an epithet forAfrican-Americans and a general synonym for "an amateur." "Whatever!". Current form: Various, including such physical gestures as eye rolling or simply turning around and walking away. Current form: Various, including “not cool,” “bad move,” etc. Usage: “Jeez, Mom, take a chill pill — I only had one beer. Most Common Going Ham Meaning. In Reply to: Ham posted by Mandy on July 14, 2007. : Where does the expression "he's a ham" come from? So, we have a possible origin for the phrase, though not necessarily one that seems to jive with the common understanding. How to use ham in a sentence. Usage: “What a totally amazing, excellent discovery… NOT!”. The meaning of Ham is "hot". One advertisement from the 1970’s even describes a product as “perfect for going ham.” Spread of the term Definition: A retraction of the previous statement with the intention of fooling the listener. New York had the highest population of Ham families in 1840. Definition: An expression of joy or triumph. from time to time. Derived from FBD threads. Definition: An expression of encouragement.Possibly a network television adaptation of inner city jargon.. Usage: Self-explanatory. Whether at Easter or Thanksgiving, ham takes center stage at holiday tables. Heinous. "Ham" is an acronym for "hard as [a] mother fucker ". So, in no particular order, I give you: Bustle’s Selected Dictionary of ‘90s Phrases and Terminology. According to the American Radio Relay League, in the early days ofship-to-shore radio, commercial operators would often complain ofinterference from amateur operators, referring to them disparagingly as"hams." An abbreviation that is widely used in texting and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere on the internet, but what does going ham mean in slang? Jam Origin’s revolutionary software alternative is none of these things. The surname Ham was originally derived from the Old English word Hamme, which also has patronymic origins. Something about him gives me the wiggins.”. Every other definition I've seen on this website is definitely not right. Current form: “HAHAHA no,” this time demonstrated by Miley Cyrus: Definition: Relax; don’t worry about it; stop freaking out, whatever is going on isn’t actually that bad. Current form: Unchanged, if used somewhat more ironically in the contemporary lexicon. Current form: Since the theatrical release of Mean Girls in 2004, “You go, Glen Coco!” has largely supplanted “You go, girl/guy!”. Companion to “NOT.” See also: “Whatever.”, Usage: “Can you believe Rick asked me to the Spring Fling? Unfortunately, no one knows exactly where "ham," meaning an inept, usually grossly melodramatic, actor comes from. Most non-triumphant. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press. I’m sure it does in the hearts of many of you, too, so, in honor of Throwback Thursday, let’s revisit some of the strange words and phrases that made up our formative years. There are claims that the Chinese were the first people to mention the production of cured ham. “Shem was the ancestor of all the sons of Eber” (Genesis 10:21), and this is important because the word Eber is the origin of the Hebrew word for “Hebrew.” German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): habitational name from Hamm, a city in Westphalia. These veggies, greens, and grains make for wonderful pairs to ham, no matter the holiday. Origin: First proliferated by the Mike Myers and Dana Carvey Saturday Night Live sketch “Wayne’s World,” which periodically occurred in episodes from 1989 to 1994. Curiously, “booyah” is also a stew or thick soup of Belgian origin popular throughout the Upper Midwestern United States. There is a Norman connection with this name too. Ham is the anglicized form of the biblical Hebrew name Cham. Origin: Similar to “as if,” “whatever” gained popularity through the 1995 film Clueless. Origin: Unconfirmed, although many site the 1992 – 1997 Martin Lawrence television show Martin as its original source. by crawford, jerrel February 05, 2008 Origin: Unknown, although similar to “You go, girl/guy!”, some trace it to the Martin Lawrence sitcom Martin. They come from many sources and are not checked. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly where "ham," meaning an inept, usuallygrossly melodramatic, actor comes from. Everyone else had, like, three.”. Generally mean-spirited. My guess is that all roads lead back to "ham fat" being usedas a metaphor for something useless and of low quality, a poor substitutefor the real thing (presumably ham). All rights reserved. Therefore, this word is easily defined as " going hard as a motherf**ker". The Ham family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Found 252 sentences matching phrase "go ham".Found in 12 ms. Be warned. Current form: “HAHAHA no,” as demonstrated here by John Watson: Usage: “Bogus. More meanings for ó am go ham. Browse our collection to find side dishes for ham your whole guest list will love. Virginia producers blame home field advantage but decline to return to … Here, let me give you a sip of my water… PSYCH!”. Definition: Used to connote a feeling of apathy.

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