Events; Leagues; Skaters ... South German Men's Roller Derby. 2,216 likes. We dare you to not fall in love with Roller Derby as we have. The September trivia question is: What was the first Canadian roller derby league? Boiled down, Roller Derby is a points game where “jammers” push through a pack of skaters and skate a full lap to reenter the pack. We enjoy a rich and rewarding relationship with our bigger sister league, The Darwin Roller Girls, and have stacks of fun training, grading, reffing, officiating and of course, playing coed with them, as the mighty "Terror Taurens"! Want to join? Varsity Derby League will be recruiting new members in July 2015. Our mission is to promote athleticism, sportsmanship, teamwork, safety, fun, and friendship in our community through playing and propagating the great sport of flat track roller derby. Now is your chance to join Canberra's gender-inclusive roller derby league. Information night When: Thursday 13 August Time: 7 pm Where: Eight Track Skate Co (Adrenalin Boardstore), 5 Leeton St, Fyshwick This is where you can come hear all about how freshies and, If you've been waiting to get in on the epicness that is roller derby, your chance will come soon. February 2020 in Canberra. The newest league, Wasatch Roller Derby, sprang from a split with original local rollers the Salt City Derby Girls last year and focuses almost exclusively on charity expo bouts. Jacksonville Roller Derby is member owned-and-operated and is based on the concept “by the skaters, for the skaters.” All of our league members are volunteers who are dedicated to promoting an action-packed, full-contact sport that is both a thrill to play and non-stop entertainment for the spectator. "Wash. military wives have their own roller derby". We're looking for anyone of any gender to learn to play or officiate roller derby with us. This level is light contact based and a great start to learning how to play Roller Derby. VDL welcomes anyone of any gender, age 18+, any shape, size, background. Any sporting ability or fitness level can join - you might not believe it now, but lots of our skaters could barely stand up when they. ^ Ashton, Adam (May 1, 2011). With Vanguard ranked #1 and Carnage #4 after the 2015 Men's National Roller Derby Championships, and both teams with skaters on the Australian squad, you'll be guaranteed League Location Contact Website Facebook; Auld Reekie Roller Derby: Edinburgh, Scotland: Bath Roller Derby Girls: Bath, England: Belfast Roller Derby: Belfast, Northern Island Retrieved 13 May 2010. (Aged 18+ only). This is a list of notable roller derby leagues, and may include those that are no longer in existence. The Men's Roller Derby Association (MRDA), which started in 2006 as a group of guys inspired by the women's game who wanted to play roller derby for fun, has grown to 31 leagues in the U.S. and beyond. League Roster Updates: Format: excel file (optional hyperlinked FB fan pages) Add, Change (change spelling/number or league: DO NOT advise us to delete names if they have only transferred to another league). He's also one of the league's trainers. Yellow Star is a full contact level. Men's Roller Derby Denmark: open mens team for all interested players in Denmark. For more details, get in contact with us. The Lane County Concussion (LCC) is a men’s flat track roller derby league in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. Within each subcategory, leagues are then listed according to region, by country a… 1 talking about this. is a not-for-profit flat track roller derby league, run entirely by members for members on a voluntary basis. The list has been compiled and refined over several years and we believe it to be a fairly accurate picture of roller derby in the UK. Existence dates, where known, are included to provide a timeline charting the sport's growth cycles. At this level you will start to learn how to hit, block, whip and work as a pack in a safe manner. The first correct answer drawn (immediately following the scrimmage) will get to choose your size in a … Announcing....our February 2020 roller derby rookies recruitment! There'll be flat out action in this roller derby double header! Get your tickets at now! Register here to be notified first about the date for our special fresh meat information. The Men's Roller Derby Association (MRDA) is the international governing body of men's flat … Friends, the time has come for tough decisions, and we have decided to cancel the 2020 Men's Roller Derby World Cup. VDL's men in pink, Capital Carnage, will be taking on Sydney City Smash in what promises to be one hell of a clash: both teams have Australian Men's Roller Derby squad reps (and one of them is on this poster). Every roller derby league in the world should have the ability to field a junior team, men's team, travel team, home teams, and rec team. Our mission is to build an inclusive, safe and supportive league for everyone regardless of gender, age, physique or fitness level. Grading of levels is done in line with our sister league, the Darwin Roller Girls during our many weekly training sessions. The Allstars, an open to all gender team who are competing in Tier 1 of the British Championships 2019, the Women’s A-Team, Women’s Bees and the Men’s Team. Contact us on That's right Darwin, you’ve got a Men’s Roller Derby league in town. Perth Mens Derby) - June Saturday 13th, Interstate Co-Ed Tournament - 10th September 2016. Get in touch to find out more! Skater Spotlight Double Feature: Pension Check and Leo Slayer, Fresh meat information night – 13 August 2015. and we are the Gentlemen Rollers! Nothing beats seeing live roller derby - and on Saturday 12 September you can see Carnage and Rogues go head to head with Sydney City Smash and S2D2. Mens Roller Derby Denmark, Aarhus, Denmark. White Star is the level where the bulk of your Derby training begins. Leo: Indoor cricket and squash. Just how many apex, Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently for the announcement for "Fresh Meat"! (modern 2000’s roller derby) Attend the scrimmage and enter your answer for a chance to win. Photos by David Mackie/Soul Hunter Photography   Did you play any sports before derby? Our aim is to list all active flat-track, WFTDA rules roller derby leagues in the UK and show where they train or play to make it easier to find teams near you to join or play against. Wales Men's National Roller Derby Squad, Cwmbran. Each level will provide you with a unique range of skills to make sure you're playing safely and confidently. They get points for every opposing team member they pass during the lap. The Men’s Roller Derby Association. We'll be having an info night on 29 February. First intake for the year will be mid February. More about Roller Derby Leagues in Florida, United-States: League information and pictures Skater details Officials Roller Derby matches Men's Team Sask Roller Derby. Men, women, any gender identity is welcome. That's right Darwin, you’ve got a Men’s Roller Derby league in town, and we are the Gentlemen Rollers! 0 1877 (-) 39. Contact us for more info! You don't even need to know how to skate - we'll teach you. Establish in 2013 by a group of five women with the common goal of bringing the sport of roller derby to the area and uniting regional leagues. If Roller Derby sounds like the sport for you, don't be shy! AMRD 2015 Nationals - Hobart November 15th, 2015 Boom State Clash - Perth September XX, 2015 Co-Ed Bouts (Feat. The list may currently make distinctions according to each organization's professional/amateurbusiness structure and active/defunct status, and is subdivided by gender (female or male-only, or co-ed) and age (adult versus junior). The league is home to four teams. But now, with the rise of men’s leagues, more men are becoming players – the MRDA currently have 72 men’s leagues listed (WFTDA list 392 full, and 63 apprentice leagues). Send us an email and come along to one of our monthly ‘intake’ nights. To respond to this unique situation, MRDA has been working with WFTDA, JRDA and National Governing Bodies throughout, and we wish to publicly thank them for their hard work, particularly WFTDA and their COVID-19 Task Force. According to the advocacy group Fair Play for Women, men are trying to invade Roller Derby, especially in the UK leagues. The Lane County Concussion joined MRDA in February of 2012. 1,040 likes. WRD has a warehouse in downtown SLC that is dedicated to Utah Roller Derby 24/7. Saskatoon Roller Derby League is an inclusive, non profit, sports organization. New Men's Roller Derby League in Utah Introducing Utah's first men's roller derby league, Uinta Madness Roller Derby. More about Roller Derby Leagues in Germany: League information and pictures Skater details Officials Roller Derby matches Search. Bobby Smack skates for Capital Carnage and is a top bloke all around. 1,267 likes. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world, with an unprecedented impact on roller derby. There are currently 460 WFTDA Member Leagues on 6 continents. Our mission is to build an inclusive, safe and supportive league for everyone regardless of gender, age, physique or fitness level. Sierra Regional Roller Derby is the first flat track roller derby team in the Reno-Tahoe area. Some of those leagues feature multiple teams, while smaller ones may consist of a single team. Here he is condensed into a few minutes of video! The United States, where roller derby started, has the most roller derby leagues; its biggest roller derby state is Wyoming, with an incredible 24 leagues per million people, followed by Alaska (20.3 leagues per million people), North Dakota (10.8 leagues per million people), and Vermont (9.6 leagues … Our Committee is made up of these fine and friendly folk: The Gentlemen Rollers train with our sister league the Darwin Roller Girls (DRG) at the Marrara Indoor Sports Stadium. Anyone of any gender is welcome to join. We were founded April 2018 by members of the Quad City Rollers and affiliated referees as there was a need for skaters aging out of the junior roller derby league, Orphan Brigade. Get ready for smashing speed when Varsity Derby League's Capital Carnage take on Victorian Vanguard on Saturday 12 March at Southern Cross Stadium. Team Wales Mens Roller Derby has been set up to put together a team of the best skaters of Welsh Descent. League Stuttgart, Germany. 351 likes. The postponement options are getting very complicated, and we want to give teams enough advance notice to properly prepare, so this is the best course of action in these challenging times. Varsity Derby League (formerly known as ANU Roller Derby) is a roller derby league based in the Australian Capital Territory.VDL is Canberra's only gender inclusive league, allowing both men and women to participate in the sport of roller derby. Our goal is to promote athleticism and community through the sport of… We have two women’s teams, the DisHonour Rollers and the Rogue Scholars; a men’s team, Capital Carnage; and a mixed/non-gendered team, the Smackademics. Your chance to get involved with roller derby. At this level there is no contact and you will work on things like stopping, falling safely and skating with stability and confidence. Kalamazoo's own Men's Flat Track Roller Derby League. Get ready for smashing speed when Varsity Derby League's Capital Carnage take on Victorian Vanguard on Saturday 12 March at Southern Cross Stadium. Muddy River Menace is a men’s roller derby team based out of Iowa. "Wasatch Roller Derby Season-Opener". The Men’s Roller Derby Association, or MRDA, is the international governing body for men’s flat track roller derby. Saskatchewan's FIRST Men's Roller Derby team! It's fresh meat time! That's right Darwin, you’ve got a Men’s Roller Derby league in town, We are always looking for skaters to join our ranks. Est 2011. Psycho Dolls Roller Derby. There are currently more than 45 leagues from four different countries in MRDA. Wasatch Roller Derby started in late 2008 with just a few skaters from surroundings leagues as members, now the league boasts more than 40 skaters. We are currently working with DRG on our 2020 training schedule. WFTDA-charter teams compete for mathematically calculated rankings, and at the end of the Competitive Season (February 1 – June 30) are seeded into postseason tournaments (WFTDA Continental Cups and International WFTDA Playoffs & Championships) based on those rankings.Read more about our Tournament Structure and Rankings … Raw Meat begins with the basics of skating and takes things back to the beginning to get you up and rolling. Team Wales Mens Roller Derby has been set up to put together a team of the best skaters of Welsh Descent. Come and try skating day: Sunday 2nd February in Queanbeyan High School multi-purpose hall Get more information about joining us. 12 March 2016 – Carnage vs Vanguard! Make sure you've got your tickets for "Block n Roll" and bring the family for a smashing afternoon of derby, rock n roll and other treats! From the beginning, roller derby offered an equal playing field for men and women: same rules, same track, same helter-skelter rush. 3 1644 (1) 38. City Weekly. WRD is a sister league to Red Rockettes, a recreational league for women, and Uinta…READ MORE » Varsity Derby League - Canberra's gender-inclusive roller derby league. Mine Monsters. We’re currently recruiting and training up skaters for the 2020 season and beyond. 2442 Aussie Skaters Category Derby Name Number League WOMEN /er LD50 Varsity Derby League WOMEN 1967 Chevy Impaleher #(KAZ)2Y5 South Sea Roller Derby … Copyright 2012 Avada | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Learn to play roller derby! With four women's leagues currently in Utah, Wasatch Roller Derby, O-Town Derby Dames, Salt City Derby Girls and Junction City Roller Dolls it is not a surprise that we would soon see a men's league beginning to form. At Yellow Star you will be introduced to the more competitive side of Roller Derby as you will learn all aspects of full contact scrimmage and how to finally piece it all together. With Vanguard ranked #1 and Carnage #4 after the 2015 Men's National Roller Derby Championships, and both teams with skaters on the Australian squad, you'll be guaranteed, Bringing you not one, but two skater spotlights: Meet Leo Slayer and Pension Check! 31 Glasgow Men’s Roller Derby (-) 32 Varsity Derby League (-) 33 Flour City Fear Men’s Roller Derby (-) 34 Houston Men’s Roller Derby (+1) 35 Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby (+1) 36 Casco Bay Roller Derby (+1) 37 Montreal Men’s Roller Derby (+2) 38 Cleveland Men’s Roller Derby (+2) 39 Capital City Hooligans (+2) 40 Sydney City SMASH (+2) We are proud of our inclusiveness. March 28, 1971. And we're very patient. At intake, everyone is raw and each person will progress at their own rate and will be informed when they are ready for Fresh Meat. Our Orange Star skaters are seasoned veterans and are eligible to be on placed on GRD's travel team where we compete at the interstate and national level. And the rest of the season! Yellow star skaters have the opportunity to begin scrimmaging once they feel comfortable enough. PC: Yes, roller hockey and jujitsu   Why did you start derby? Varsity Derby League (VDL) is Canberra’s gender-inclusive roller derby league. Fresh Meat will get you working on all the basic skating skills you need to advance to White Star. That isn't to say that everyone has to play with each other, just that the option should be there, so it is important that we support each other and grow the sport. Tasmanian Mens Roller Derby League Facebook Page Hobart, TAS ♦ Men 18+ Towns Villains Roller Derby Facebook Page Townsville, QLD ♦ Women 18+ ♦ Mixed Gender 18+ ♦ Juniors: Van Diemen Rollers Facebook Page Launceston, TAS ♦ Women 16+ Varsity Derby League Facebook Page Canberra, ACT Leo: Hadn’t skated for 35 years, and I have, We're pleased to announce our first fresh meat intake of 2016! Kalamazoo Mens Roller Derby, Kalamazoo, Michigan. League Wuppertal, Germany.

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