BI: Over the last decade many global companies, including Coca-Cola, AT&T and DuPont have installed Chief ­Sustainability Officers. I was the founding executive director of, a nonprofit that Stonyfield helped start. MSRP: Was: Now: $4.99 (You save) Write a Review Write ... items in stock Description. In the last three months, only 2 analysts have issued ratings. 4.6 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. America’s food-makers are determined not to get caught flatfooted again. Wood Turner is VP of Sustainability Innovation for Stonyfield Farm. We were founded on the idea that you do the right thing, that you embed these environmental values into your business, but overtime we've realized that focusing on impacts also reduces cost. It has been relatively quiet when it comes to other analyst activity. Danone, a world leading food company built on four business lines: Essential Dairy and Plant-based Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition, and Advanced Medical Nutrition That’s what the pros on Wall Street are here for. Mexico's Grupo Lala has emerged as the lead bidder for Stonyfield Farm Inc., the well-known U.S. maker of organic yogurt. It's always been much more about leadership than compliance or any kind of category benchmarking. The Next Quarter Century’s Organic Marketplace: Insights from Stonyfield Farm's Gary Hirshberg. We're focused on the reduced environmental impact, but what is really interesting to us are the costs that we're able to avoid by virtue of having teams focused on reducing those impacts. Category: Dairy. SMOOTH & CREAMY. Gary Hirshberg and Stonyfield Farm is the story of one entrepreneur's vision and journey to create a market-leading, environmentally responsible business founded on the principles of product quality, organizational alignment and sustainability. Benefits information above is provided anonymously by current and former Stonyfield Farm employees, and may include a summary provided by the employer. September 19, 2017. Chairman/Founder Samuel Kaymen and President/CEO Gary Hirshberg began with an organic farming school, a few Jersey cows and “a great tasting yogurt recipe”. It's when large companies see examples like Stonyfield, Seventh Generation or Patagonia — all companies that have proven themselves as environmental leaders over the last decade — that they begin to embed their own environmental initiatives into how they work. Stonyfield Farm, also simply called Stonyfield, is an organic yogurt maker and dairy company located in Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA.Stonyfield Farm was founded by Samuel Kaymen in 1983, on a 19th-century farmstead in Wilton, New Hampshire, as an organic farming school.The company makes the second leading brand of organic yogurt in North America, with 13.3% of the market. Trelegy was initially approved in the US as the first once-daily single inhaler triple therapy for the treatment of COPD. STONYFIELD FARM INC Organic Milk 1% Low-Fat 0.5gal. Four things could pop the "rational bubble" in equities, says Mohamed El-Erian — even if they're not likely to happen right now. At Climate Counts — which evaluates large companies and what they are doing to address climate change — one of things that I noticed over my five years there is that much larger companies have seen a company like Stonyfield achieve great success in terms of producing great products and keeping environmental impacts down while meeting consumer needs. Wood Turner: Our company is split up into two pieces. A higher ROCE is generally representative of successful growth of a company and is a sign of higher earnings per share in the future. BlackBerry collected $266.00 million in revenue during Q2, but reported earnings showed a $4.00 million loss.What Is ROCE? Talks are at an advanced stage and deal could come before the end of the month, according to people familiar with the matter.

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